Over the past year Delta Tau Delta has been:

Committed to Academics

6th highest (out of 30) GPA on Auburn's campus for the 2014-2015 academic year

Committed to Philanthropy

Over $5,000 dollars was raised in our spring "Delt Factor" philanthropy for Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. We also sponsored a Red Cross blood drive on Auburn's campus in the fall.

Committed to Involvement

We have brothers currently involved in most major organizations on Auburn's campus including SGA, IFC, and FLP.

Committed to Service

Well over 1000 service hours completed in the past year (roughly 20+ a brother).

Committed to Lives of Excellence





For your son, making the transition to a four-year university like Auburn might seem like an imposing challenge. His mind will be filled with questions surrounding his academics, social, and future life. Keep your mind at ease; fraternities are a proven support network for your son as he embarks on this new period in his life. Over 400,000 students across the country are currently fraternity members.


Delta Tau Delta offers numerous leadership programs providing your son with the tools and opportunities to develop into a powerful member of today’s society. Delta Tau Delta strives to mold each of our members into responsible, well-rounded men.


Fraternities are often stereotyped as abusive and irresponsible. If your son chooses to join the rich and historic brotherhood of Delta Tau Delta he will have entrenched himself in a value-based organization dedicated to lifelong friendship.


Delta Tau Delta can serve an as outlet for your son in countless ways. Managing your time as a college student can prove to be difficult and trying. Fear not, our chief concern is academics. Education is the primary reason for which we are at Auburn. Considering that, we regard academics as a matter of the utmost importance. Academic performance in exchange for fraternity involvement is never a suitable trade.


Greeks comprise only about 2% of the population of the United States; however, approximately 85% of the top executives of Fortune 500 companies belong to a fraternity or sorority and all but eight U.S. Presidents have been fraternity men since 1825.


If you have more questions, please don't hesitate to contact me or visit our national website at https://www.delts.org/parents. 



Drew Nelson

Chapter Advisor


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Committed to Lives of Excellence

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