The History of Delta Tau Delta

Epsilon Alpha

On May 24th, 1952, the Epsilon Alpha Chapter of Delta Tau Delta was created. The original founding fathers were Kenneth A. Nall, from Delta Eta Chapter at the University of Alabama, Herbert L. Bullard, also from Delta Eta, Earl D. Keller, Jr. from Gamma Psi Chapter at Georgia Tech, John W. Massey, from Delta Delta Chapter at the University of Tennessee, and Hugh T. Smith from Delta Zeta Chapter at the University of Florida.


This wasn't the first time Delta Tau Delta was petitioned to create a Chapter at Auburn. The first one came in 1897, but was ignored due to a mix up in correspondence.


The first house was on the corner of Thach Avenue and Gay Street. But as the Chapter grew, they needed a bigger house. They moved to the corner of Magnolia Avenue and Gay Street (where Auburn National Bank is today). In 1964, they bought the old Alpha Psi house on the corner of Magnolia Avenue and Donahue Avenue.


In 1968, a fire destroyed most of the house, but the Delts pulled together and fixed the house. A full-scale restoration project went underway, and after some hard work, the house was finished.


In 1999, the Chapter was closed by the Central Office due to low membership. The house was sold to Auburn University. The land now houses part of the Lowder Business Building and an open field.


On October 2nd, 2003, Delta Tau Delta recolonized, pledging in 32 members as Epsilon Alpha Crescent Colony. Starting from scratch, and with the assistance of alumni, Delts were initially geared towards chapter status, which was granted on November 6th, 2004 when 50 men became full-fledged brothers of Delta Tau Delta. Now the brotherhood has their new shelter located on New Row.


Delta Tau Delta has many famous alumni, and Epsilon Alpha Chapter has one of them, T. K. Mattingly, an U.S. Astronaut for the Apollo Missions. His team left more than his footprints on the moon. He also left an Auburn University flag and a Delta Tau Delta flag. He also has commanded space shuttle flights and one of the men who ran test flights on the shuttle.

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