Dear Epsilon Alpha Graduate Brothers:


War Eagle from the Plains of Auburn! My name is Nathan Mobed and I serve as the Epsilon Alpha Chapter Alumni Chairman. I wanted to touch base with our Graduate Brothers and share some of the recent news for 2018-19.


This past Fall 2018, our Chapter pledged thirteen outstanding young men to join the ranks of Delta Tau Delta. In the Spring we have pledged six young men and they continue to learn the ways of the fraternity as they move toward full membership.

Our Winter Formal will be held in New Orleans this year on the weekend of April 5, 2018. We have over fifty brothers and their dates attending. New Orleans provides an excellent backdrop for the event and the brothers always have a great time in the city.

The officers for Epsilon Alpha this year have been working diligently with the Brothers to improve our Chapter in many levels - academics, community service, university participation, and character development. Last year’s officers were recognized for their work at Southern Division in Charlotte, winning two awards: one for Treasurer of the Year and a second for Excellence in Recruitment in the Southern Division in 2018.


Epsilon Alpha has also been organizing a philanthropy event, the Delt Factor, to benefit the Juvenile Diabetes Relief Foundation (JDRF) spearheaded by Zach Burroughs, our Philanthropy Chairman. Last year our chapter was able to raise over $1000 and this year we plan to raise at least $2000.


In closing, please make sure to drop by the Shelter during your visit to the Loveliest Village. We are always excited to see our graduates and welcome their involvement with Epsilon Alpha at any time. We would welcome your input and desire to create an environment where being a graduate keeps you engaged and active with your Chapter. I wish you all the best for 2019 and as always - War Eagle!




Nathan J. Mobed 

Alumni Chairman

Epsilon Alpha Chapter

Delta Tau Delta

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