Who Are We?


Delta Tau Delta is a values-based organization dedicated to Truth, Courage, Faith, and Power that gives men the skills and support needed to answer the call to excellence.


We are a social fraternity founded nationally in 1858 and at Auburn in 1952.


Delts are scholars first, fraternity men second. We emphasize study, providing academic mentoring to members whose GPA falls below our standard of a 3.0. Our collective GPA is among the highest at Auburn.


Giving back to the community is a fundamental to who we are. Last year the Epsilon Alpha chapter raised and donated $10,000 to our philanthropy, JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation).


Delta Tau Delta has a zero-tolerance policy for hazing.

Why Delt?


The Auburn chapter is optimally sized to support its tight-knit brotherhood and strong, highly visible presence on campus.


In contrast to other fraternities at Auburn, our chapter predominantly consists of out-of-state members. We combine the best elements of southern hospitality with a national social experience.


We offer excellent professional networking opportunities both as an undergraduate and an alumnus of Delta Tau Delta. Brotherhood in Delt is for life.


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Committed to Lives of Excellence

Truth | Courage | Faith | Power